Advertising Jazz

By Carl Glatzel, Editor

Sharing these amazing Guimarães Jazz Festival posters with you while in quarantine is a small blessing. We can now look fondly back at the pre-pandemic performing arts scene—how good we had it!

It was 2009 in Guimarães, Portugal and design studio Martino & Jaña created a memorable poster campaign that really hit the mark with regard to integrating typography and artist illustration. The result was a visually stimulating brand that demanded attention on busy, urban streets. The designers did a masterful job flowing and wrapping sinuous text around jazz artists in the heat of improvisation all the while keeping legibility, information hierarchy and festival promotion a priority.

One of many well-crafted 2009 Guimarães Jazz Festival posters.

On the eve of the first virtual International Jazz Day, it’s comforting to look back at a more liberated time when festival attendance didn’t evoke so much consternation. With any luck we’ll be back to those carefree days sooner than later.

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